Visits & Tours

Throughout the year we are pleased to receive many visits from schools, government organisations and the general public. We are always happy to welcome visitors to the Islamic Society of Gold Coast Mosque.

The Mosque is a place of worship for the followers of the religion of Islam. Followers of Islam are known as Muslims. The word Mosque is the English word for the place of worships of Muslims, which is referred to as a Masjid. The literal meaning of the word Masjid is “A Place of Prostration” which is also referred to as Baitullah (House of Allah). Muslims refer to God as Allah. For more information about the 5 Pillars of Islam and an introduction to Islamic beliefs please click here.

Providing Feedback & History About Our Masjid

Our Masjid is a well recognised religious building on the Gold Coast located on the Corner of Olsen Avenue & Allied Drive in the suburb of Arundel. Our Masjid has a special Guest Book in which visitors are encouraged to leave their messages and feedback about their visits to our place of worship. The Masjid has an established history and plays a positive role in our vibrant and multicultural community. To find out about the history of how the Masjid was established please click here.

We are delighted to open our door to visitors throughout the year. We receive a large number of visitors from schools, colleges and universities wishing to find out more about the workings of our Masjid and the Islamic faith for projects and studies.

We also have a number of faith-based groups, organisational visits and tourists who visit the mosque. Most visits are booked via the main office and in writing either with the Imam or Masjid Management Committee whose contact details can be found here. A normal visit consists of an observation of prayer, a tour of the Masjid building and a Q&A or discussion session. Light refreshments and worksheets are also provided for younger visitors.

We look forward to your visit and thank you for your interest.