Marriage-Registering Civil Marriages & Islamic Nikah

Marriages at Islamic Society of Gold Coast ‘Information Guide – Policy & Procedure’

  • Both Islamic Marriages (Nikahs) and Civil Marriages are performed at our Masjid. Islamic Marriages (Nikahs) are performed in keeping with Sunnah principles and teachings of Ahle Sunnat Jamaat.
  • Imam Imraan is a registered Marriage Celebrant and a registered Minister of Religion.
  • The cost of performing an Islamic Marriage Ceremony (Aqdun Nikah) at the Gold Coast Masjid is by agreement with the Management Committee. This fee is payable to the Management Committee as a donation for the maintenance and upkeep of the Masjid Facilities. Additional payments are applicable for the use of the hall and kitchen facilities. Bookings are essential. For more information about these facilities please view the following information on:
  • For the performance and registration of Civil Marriages there is a fee of AUD $380 which is payable to the Imam. This payment covers the cost of registration of the marriage with the Queensland Government Department of Justice, Births, Deaths & Marriages section; the Issuing of two original Marriage Certificates together with all the additional paperwork, postage, telephone calls, email correspondence, photocopying and other requirements associated with this process. Additional costs may be payable to cover the cost of travel involving marriages that are not performed at the Gold Coast Masjid facilities.
  • For Civil Marriages, the Imam must be given a minimum of 31 days notice, as this is a legal requirement. The notice period is NOT NEGOTIABLE under any circumstances. Marriage Ceremonies that need to be performed before the notice period require authorisation to be granted from the Queensland Government Department of Justice Births, Deaths & Marriages Section. Obtaining this authorisation is the responsibility of the parties involved in organised the marriage. For more information please view the Queensland Government Department of Justice, Births, Deaths & Marriages website:
  • For an Islamic Marriage Ceremony (Aqdun Nikah) a minimum of 7 days notice is required.
  • For both Islamic Marriages and Civil Marriages, certain documentation is required. Documents required will vary depending on individual circumstances of couples. Generally documents required to enable Islamic and Civil Marriages include presentation of the following original documents:

– Birth Certificate;
– Statutory Declaration;
– Proof of Australian Citizenship/Overseas Passport;

  •  Proof of divorce papers in cases of previous marriages.
  • Islamic Marriages at the Gold Coast Masjid are conducted for residents of the Gold Coast as well as persons residing outside Gold Coast. However, those that are residing outside Gold Coast may be refused if the Imam feels that certain criterion’s are not being fulfilled.
  • NO mixing of males and females is allowed in the Main Prayer Hall in the Masjid. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
  • All the attendees at a wedding held at the Masjid should be respectably clad even if they are non-Muslims. Women should wear appropriate head scarves to cover their heads.
  • The legal age for marriage in Australia is 18 years and marriage below this age is illegal. The Imam will not perform a marriage unless documented permission being granted from the Civil Court is provided.
  • The Imam requires sufficient time to investigate if the parties involved have been in a marriage contract (civil or Islamic) previously. On occasions, this may require investigation of sensitive personal matters.
  • Once notice of intention to get married is given to the Imam, the respective parties forego their rights to privacy and automatically authorise the Imam to investigate their previous marriage histories if applicable.
  • Photography in the Masjid is certainly discouraged. A photo of bride and groom together inside the Masjid is not allowed.
  • Any type of behaviour, which violates the Sanctity of the Masjid, is prohibited.


Note: All fees and charges are correct at time of being issued and may be subject to changes. Where there are changes in fees and charges we will endeavour to update this information as soon as possible.

By Order of the Management Committee – Islamic Society of Gold Coast
October 2012

A Copy of the Policy & Procedures for Marriages at the Islamic Society of Gold Coast can be downloaded here.