Funerals (Mayyits)

Who to contact?

is the second largest city in the state of Queensland, Australia. It is considered to be the tourist capital of Australia. There is only one purpose built masjid on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast community is very cosmopolitan. Alhamdulillah, our centre is buzzing with activities and there is never a boring moment.  We have a fairly united and supportive community through the Grace of Almighty Allah. There is a full time resident Imam who conducts various activities at the masjid facilities.

There are approximately 5,000 Muslims living on the Gold Coast, and about 800 people attend Jum’ah prayer.  Our community is growing by the day and therefore, there is always a need for people to get involved and support the masjid. We have a range of activities at our Masjid besides the normal things that happens at other Masaajid.

If someone passes away in Gold Coast, then contact Haji Hussin Goss on 0418 737 621 or Imam Imraan Husain on 0411 031 016 of the Gold Coast Masjid. Funeral services are available at the Islamic Centre of Gold Coast Inc (ISGC).

If you wish to subscribe to the free local SMS service for notification of funerals in the community which is provided by Gold Coast Masjid e-mail or let Imam Imraan know by contacting him on 0411 031 016. The SMS notification provided by the Gold Coast Masjid is completely free of charge.
Note the following diagram provided courtesy of Muslim Funeral Services Ltd (MFS Ltd) outlining the process for organising a Muslim burial in Queensland. Please click here.
To find out more about organising Muslim Burials in Queensland please view the Muslim Funerals Services (MFS) Ltd website on: Please note MFS Ltd terms and conditions apply for organising burials should you wish to opt to use this service. Accessing these are not the responsibility of ISGC Inc.

In providing this information the ISGC seeks to provide relevant information relating to this important matter and options available to the local Muslim community in an impartial and objective way. We do not endorse or seek to promote one service over another. This is entirely a matter for the next of kin; and where possible we wish to support our local community in having the information they need to make appropriate arrangements in a dignified, sensitive and respectful way in keeping with the teachings of Islam.