Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the age range for Madrasah?

The Madrasah has a structured curriculum with clearly defined levels of study and assessment. Madrasah is for children aged 5 to 11 years of age. The levels are structured as follows:

Level 1: For students aged 5

Level 2: For students aged 6

Level 3: For students aged 7

Level 4: For students aged 8

Level 5: For students aged 9

Level 6: For students aged 10

Level 7: For students aged 11 +

Please note that the above levels are a guide of what progress a student should have made assuming they attend Monday to Thursday during scheduled term time; and based on continuous enrollment from age 5 onwards.

The Madrasah operates on a outcome based learning basis where level of achievement can either be ahead or behind expected levels of achievement depending on the effort and progress made by a student during their studies.

In 2015 the Madrasah also plans to provide adult male and ladies classes at various levels. More information to follow.

2. What days and times is Madrasah?

Madrasah takes places at the Gold Coast Masjid. Days and times are follows:

Monday:       4:30pm to 6:30pm

Tuesday:      4:30pm to 6:30pm

Wednesday:  4:30pm to 6:30pm

Thursday:      4:30pm to 6:30pm

Students can attend all days or as little as one session a week. However, we strongly encourage regular and full attendance i.e. Monday to Thursday in order for the children to maximise their learning and knowledge.

From Monday to Thursday students should arrive by 4:25pm and parents should be ready to collect their child by 6:25pm.

3. What are the Madrasah fees and text book costs?

Madrasah Fees are $55.00 per term. There are four terms a year and fees are payable at the beginning of each term. If an upfront payment is made at the beginning of the academic year of $200.00 for the whole year then there is a $5.00 discount per term. Payment by EFTPOS is available.

Each level in the Madrasah Curriculam has relevant text books to enable students to progress with their studies. An annual Student Pack Fee is payable at the beginning of Term 1 for each year of study and the cost if $70.00. This annual Student Pack Fee contributes to the cost of Madrasah Bags & Madrasah Textbooks issued to students as they progress with their Madrasah studies.

We attempt to keep fees as low as possible and rates are subject to change. If there are difficulties in making payment this can be discussed with:

Haji Habib Jamal: 0416 261 236

Haji Hussin Goss: 0418 737 621

4. What are the Madrasah term dates?

The Madrasah Term Dates for the 2015 Calender Year are as follows:

Term 1: (9 Weeks)

Begins: Monday 2nd February 2015     Ends: Thursday 2nd April 2015

Term 2: (7 Weeks)

Begins: Monday 20th April 2015          Ends: Thursday 4th June 2015

Term 3: (9 Weeks)

Begins: Monday 20th July 2015           Ends: Thursday 17th September 2015

Term 4: (7 Weeks)

Begins: Tuesday 6th October 2015      Ends: Thursday 19th November 2015

To download our annual Madrasah Calendar of Dates for 2015 please click here.

5. Who do I speak to for further information?

The Principal of the Madrasah is Imam Imraan. If you have further questions please call on 0411 037 016 or email or come and meet the Imam in person at a mutually arranged time.

Alternatively the Madrasah Office is staffed Monday to Thursday from 4:15pm to 6:30pm during term times.