Admission Procedure

Enrolment & Fees Policy – Student, Teacher & Parent Learning Agreement

Thank you for choosing Madrasah Nurul Islam Educational Centre for your child’s Islamic education. The Madrasah has a structured curriculam and assessment process from Levels 1 to 7. Students can enrol Madrasah from age 5 upto the age 11.

For anyone older or a parent or student interested in hifz of the Qur’an please speak to Imam Imraan about attending either adult or hifz classes which are run separately.

The Madrasah also has a ‘Policies & Procedures Handbook’ to support the efficient running of our Madrasah. A copy of the handbook can be viewed on request by organising to do so with the Principal of the Madrasah, Imam Imraan Hussain. For a list of the contents of our Madrasah ‘Policies & Procedures Handbook’ please click here.

The process for enrolling your child as a student of our Madrasah is outlined below. If after following the step by process below you have any further questions about this process, please contact our Enrolments Registrar or the Principal on telephone (07) 5594 9097 during Madrasah term times from 4:15pm to 6:30pm every Monday to Thursday.

Step 1

Obtain a copy of the Madrasah’s official online enrolment form to complete enrolment details and the ‘Student, Teacher & Parent Learning Agreement’ here. Alternatively a hard copy of the enrolment form can be obtained from the Enrolment Registrar at the Madrasah office as per the times outlined above.

Step 2

Complete the enrolment form in CAPITALS with BLACK INK. Once you have completed and signed the enrolment form please hand this in to the Enrolments Registrar together with fee, textbook payments and signed Student, Teacher & Parent Learning Agreement.

In addition each term a fee payment of $55.00 is required together with once off annual purchase of Madrasah Pack on enrolment of of $70.00 as a contribution to the cost of Madrasah bags and textbooks. Please note textbook costs are over and above the Madrasah fees for each and a new payment payable everytime your child changes a level of study. Fees are non-refundable.

Payment of Madrasah Fees & Textbooks helps us to contribute towards the running costs of the Madrasah e.g. staffing and classroom resources etc. If for any reason there is difficulty in paying fees alternative arrangements maybe agreed with Brother Habib Jamal from the Masjid Committee. Imam Imraan is able to arrange for a meeting with Brother Habib to consider such matters on a case by case basis.

If this is your child’s first year at Madrasah an initial assessment maybe taken to determine which class level best suits their ability.

Step 3

On receipt of your enrolment application, fee payment and initial assessment where this is required the Enrolment Registrar will contact parents before Madrasah commences to confirm enrolment of your child and the class details of who their Madrasah class teacher will be for the year. Unfortunately, there may be instances where all places for the year of entry your child is enrolling for have been filled. Where places are unavailable, it may be necessary to place your child on a waiting list. If this is the case, we will give you as much notice as we reasonably can.

Inshallah we look forward to engaging your child as a student of Madrasah Nurul Islam; and working with parents to ensure our children have a rounded Islamic education that will benefit everyone in our community in this world and in the hereafter.

Jazakallah for choosing our Madrasah.

Imam Imraan Hussain