About Us

The Gold Coast

is the second largest city in the state of Queensland, Australia. It is considered to be the tourist capital of Australia. There is only one purpose built masjid on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast community is very cosmopolitan. Alhamdulillah, our centre is buzzing with activities and there is never a boring moment.  We have a fairly united and supportive community through the Grace of Almighty Allah. There is a full time resident Imam who conducts various activities at the masjid facilities.

There are approximately 5,000 Muslims living on the Gold Coast, and about 800 people attend Jum’ah prayer.  Our community is growing by the day and therefore, there is always a need for people to get involved and support the masjid. We have a range of activities at our Masjid besides the normal things that happens at other Masaajid.


After school Islamic Education (Madrasah) for young children between the age of 5 and 18. For further information about our Madrasah please click here.

  • A regular program of visits to the masjid by government and private schools. To find out more about organising a visit to our Masjid.
  • Programs for different organisations.
  • Women’s programs.
  • Classes for Reverts to Islam. For an Introduction to Islam please click here.
  • Shu’ba Tahfeezul Qur’an.
  • Masjid Shop – including purchase of refreshments in the Masjid Food Cafe, Islamic Clothing & Library of Islamic Books for purchase.




Table Tennis


  • Friday night programs for all families of the community
  • Weddings Ceremonies – for more information about organising an Islamic Marriage (Nikah) please click here.
  • Hiring Facilities including a Community Hall and Community Kitchen for use of events such as Wedding Reception (Walima) – for more information about hiring Masjid facilities and utensils please click here.
  • Washing and enshrouding for the deceased (Mayyit) – for more information please click here.
  • Dealing with Family Matters such as matrimonial affairs – for more information please click here.
  • Answering various social and moral community matters in the context of Islamic rulings – questions can be asked publicly or privately using our Ask Imam facility. Please click here.
  • Certifying establishments to be Halal – for more information about getting Halal accreditation status and to find out what products and food outlets are Halal please click here.
  • JP facilities – for more information please click here.
  • Ramadan Iftaar Programs